Setting Up an Etsy Store

Before you can start selling your products, you need to set up your Etsy store. Then, you’ll need to choose a store name, confirm the currency and language settings, and approve your store’s location. This will help you target customers near your location. In addition, you’ll want to register a trademark for your store name. This will help you avoid being sued if someone mistypes it!

Shop members

There are many benefits to being an Etsy Shop member. These include not paying membership fees or hosting fees. Listing your products is free, and the only fees you’ll pay are a one-time $0.20 fee for up to 4 months, and a 3.5% commission on sales. As you grow your business, however, the fees can really add up. You’ll also have access to an enormous community of sellers, which offers forums and teams based on similar interests.

Your shop needs a profile that identifies you and what you do. Your bio should include a photograph and the role you play in the business. It should also include a description of your business. You can also list your contact information. For more information about Etsy, visit the Shop members section of the Etsy site. Afterward, you’ll be able to see your reviews and rating. Ultimately, you’ll be able to find new customers who will buy your products.

Setting up an Etsy Store
Setting Up an Etsy Store

International delivery

If you plan to sell on Etsy internationally, you should first learn more about how the process works. You will need to choose which countries to ship your items to. Typically, you can choose from six default mail classes. Two additional classes are hidden under the dropdown button. For more information, see Shipping Information for International Orders. The shipping cost is calculated based on weight and destination. Depending on the country, you can add a handling fee to your final invoice.

When it comes to international shipping, you need to know that USPS and Canada Post are both accepted by Etsy. However, if you are shipping to a country other than the US, you should use Canada Post or Global Postal Shipping. Calculate the shipping cost of your items and make sure that you prepare all the necessary shipping documents. You can download a customs form from Etsy’s international shipping label.

Setting Up an Etsy Store – Fees

If you own a shop on Etsy, you’ve probably noticed that the site charges a small fee for your sales. You need to pay this fee to keep your store in good standing. It’s important to pay on time to maintain your shop’s good standing. If you have a small shop, you may also want to consider signing up for Etsy Plus, which offers additional tools and benefits to boost your store’s growth.

The fee varies by country and includes listing fees. Each listing costs 20 cents. This fee applies to your entire sale, not just a single item. You’ll also be responsible for paying Etsy’s platform fee, which is 5% of the total sales price. There are some other fees, too, such as a monthly fee for advanced tools. But the fees are worth it when you consider that you can save up to 90% on the cost of your business.

Etsy mobile app

Creating an Etsy store on mobile is easy, but how can you ensure that your new creation is visible to customers? You can download the Etsy mobile app and get started in just a few minutes! The Etsy mobile app lets you quickly set up your Etsy store with a few taps, and even if you’re on the go, you can make changes to your store from any location.

The Etsy mobile app lets you quickly update your listings and get notifications. Moreover, it can schedule your posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, boosting your Etsy reputation with your quick responses. You can even schedule promotional updates and messages on social media using the app. After all, who doesn’t want to keep up with the latest trends? And who doesn’t love a little extra revenue?

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