Free Cricut Designs – How to Find Them

So why are there so many people on the net searching for free Cricut designs? They have spent a few hundred dollars on a machine, vinyl and HTV, t shirts, tote bags and goodness knows what else. They then start searching around for SVg files and realise they cost money as well. Or do they?

Are Free Designs Better?

Well, in my opinion anything thats free is always better. To be honest you can probably find nearly everything you need without paying for it. If you know where to look most paying sites offer freebies. Furthermore, freebies are often as good, if not better than the full price files. They are always made by the designers that sell full price SVG’s. This means you know that the quality will be good.

How to Find Free SVG Files?

Believe it or not it is as simple as typing ‘Free Cricut Designs’ into your favorite search engine. Also, if you know the exact type of file your looking for, add ‘+dogs’ for instance to the end of your search. This will bring you up all the free files that are dog related. This works with anything you are looking for. The more specific the better your results will be.

Search for Dog Free Cricut Designs
Search for Dog Free Cricut Designs

In fact you can see, this search brought up 360,000 results. Even the most discerning person should be able to find something that they like. Therefore, this is how you find your free Cricut designs by searching on the net.

Free Cricut Designs – Where Else to Find Them

Many sites offer free designs if you sign up for their newsletter. Others have Freebie sections that sometimes are updated daily. Finally, there are sites like this on that give away all of their files on a daily basis.

A few sites that I can recommend are Creative Fabrica. At the present time, they have a large section that does not just include SVG files but it also includes Fonts, Graphics and even Embrodiery files.

DesignBundles offer another fantastic range of freebies including Procreate Brushes, Vectors,Illustartions and Printables to name but a few.

These are just two of the many sites out there. It is not just the huge sites that give away files. You will also find lots of individuals and bloggers that love to give their work away. When you do download from these smaller sites its well worth leave a nice comment as thats what keeps them going!


Well, as you can see for every paid SVG file there is a very good chance you will be able to find free Cricut designs. So, before you start trawling Etsy for a file and pay for it, have a little search around for 5 minutes and there is a good chance you will find one that is free.

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