Selling on Etsy in 2022 – Is it a good idea?

Has selling on Etsy become more difficult in 2022? There is definitely a lot more competition. Many people who started making things for fun have now started to sell them. But why are they choosing Etsy. Also why are people moving from Etsy? I will try and answer your Etsy related questions one by one.

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Is Etsy cheap to sell on?

Etsy is less costly when you consider upfront expense. If you’re on a limited budget or wish to sell a few products, Etsy will certainly be more affordable than Shopify. Yet if you’re gaining a lot of cash in sales, Etsy’s 5% purchase fees can end up being expensive, making Shopify cheaper over time. Selling on Etsy is one of the quickest and simplest means to get your handmade products online. It’s additionally a low-risk alternative financially, when compared to building a site.

Why not just build my own site?

Sounds like a great idea right? There are many platforms out there. Shopify and Wix to name but a few. Why not do it? The simple answer is Etsy bring you customers. Everyday people are searching there for your product. If you start your own site it will take 6 months plus to start seeing customers. You will have to spend money on advertising. This is all built in when you use Etsy.

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So is Selling on Etsy really worth it?

You can decide, as Etsy constantly keeps evolving to be a better system for both vendors and also buyers. Still pacing towards one of the most preferred marketplace of the world. If you have something special to supply, as well as you want to create a brand name out of your creativity. Etsy is most definitely worth your try and time.

Does Etsy report my sales to the IRS?

Etsy reports your gross earnings to the internal revenue service on Kind 1099-K, yet even if you don’t get a 1099-K, you must report Etsy sales earnings on your tax return. Always report extra earnings, even if it a small sum. If your state has income tax obligation, you must pay state earnings taxes on the internet earnings from your Etsy sales also.

Do you need business license to sell on Etsy?

Etsy’s seller policies do not need you to have a business certificate to market on their platform. A seller of items on Etsy might need a permit or permit from metropolitan, county, state, or government agencies controling companies. Your Etsy store is either a service or a pastime.


I hope this has answered your questions about Selling on Etsy. Overall, I think that it is the best way for most people to go. Etsy do all the hard work for you. From website design to advertising is all done for you. This means you can spend your time creating awesome products to sell! I would prefer to be making. How about you?

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