Tips to Sublimate on Toilet Paper

Currently, there seems to be a craze about sublimate printing on toilet rolls. Can this be done I can hear you asking? Well the answer is yes and now I am going to try and give you the best tips to sublimate on toilet paper.

Tips to Sublimate on Toilet Paper

Here is some great help and advice that should help you make some great sublimation toilet rolls.

What is the best temperature to use?

As I am sure you know, every heatpress is slightly different so it is not an exact science. I have read many discussions over various Facebook groups and forums and the average answer seems to be between 385 to 400. As I have previously said it will depend on your heatpress but it gives you a great starting point.

Tips to Sublimate on Toilet Paper
What a Sublimation Design could look like on a Toilet Roll.

How long do I press it for?

Now, this is the one where we find a lot of different opinions. We have answers that range from 30 seconds right upto 1 minute. Again, there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account. You must remember, type of paper, single or double ply and even brand but overall around 45 seconds seem to give the best results.

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To spray or not to spray?

Lets clear this one up first, this has got nothing to do with the men using the toilet! I have heard some good reports from people who have used hairspray and polyacrylic spray. Remember, the important things here are to let them dry for about an hour before pressing and do not leave them in your heatpress unattended as it may make them flamable!

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What is the best toilet paper to use?

The answer is, there is no real answer. All I will say is that the more expensive toilet paper doen not always seem the best.

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

So, in conclusion we will all have read many tips to sublimate on toilet paper. One thing that everyone agrees on is that the finished article looks great, so do not give up. Start on 385 at 45 seconds as a starting point and work from there. Trust me, its worth it. They are great sellers at this time of year proving that sublimate printing on toilet rolls is not only fun but profitable.

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