How to Install Fonts with Windows 10

Sometimes the standard Windows 10 fonts are just not good enough. We have all seen fonts on sites like DaFont or FontBundles and wished we could use them but thought that to install fonts with windows 10 was difficult! Well let me tell you, it is easy, infact it is very easy.

Once you have installed your font it will then me accessible by all your software including Design Space for the Cricut. If your using Design Space and have just installed a new font you will have to restart the software for your font to appear.

There are 3 basic steps to install fonts with windows 10.

Step 1 Find the Font

Go to sites like Dafont or FontBundles and download the font that you want.

Step 2 Extract the Font

Double click the font to extract it ready to install it on your computer.

Step 3 Install Fonts with Windows 10

Right click on the font and click install

How to download and install fonts from

Below is a short 1 minute video that walks you through how to install a font from DaFont to your computer.

I hope you have found this article and video useful and that you enjoy using your new fonts. Remember there can be such a thing as too many fonts. I tend to use the same 15 to 20 fonts nearly all the time so make sure the fonts your download are going to be useful. Good luck!

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