Where to get Free Fonts?

Where to get free fonts you ask? This is something that can be asked a lot, as it can ultimately save you a lot of money. There are many sites out there but which ones are safe? Which ones have the best fonts?

These are some of the question we will try and answer.


Most people know of this site, for both personal use and commercial use fonts. The site is very well organised and it contains 9 main sections that then contain various sub sections. An example would be if you were looking for a Holiday type font, you would find Valentine, Easter, Halloween and Christmas in the sub section.

With its ‘Recently added fonts‘ section on the front page of the site is always worth a look. If you roughly know what font you need the search bar works well.

They have a mix of personal use as well as commercial use so always check what the usage is before you use the font.

Overall, this is my favorite site and has the best selection of fonts available.

Where to get Free Fonts? – Dafont Website


The set up of this site is very similar to Dafont. They have around 3150 pages of fonts and growing. Easily sorted into sections, so even if you don’t know what your looking for exactly, you will find something.

Another great thing is that you are told if each font is for personal or commercial use, to make your life easier.

This comes a very close second to Dafont and is always worth checking out.

Where to get Free Fonts? – 1001 Free Fonts Website

Other places to find free fonts

Many of the paid sites offer free fonts which go back to being a paid font after a short time. It is good to check back to these sites at least once a week. You may even find some sites that offer daily free fonts. The best thing to do is subscribe to them so you get updates in your email everytime a new font becomes available.

My favorite site for free fonts is Font Bundles.

How to install a font

Finally, it is no good having all these new fonts if you do not know how to install them.

Follow this link for a handy guide.

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