DesignBundles $1 Deals

So who are DesignBundles are more importantly what are DesignBundles $1 Deals?

History of DesignBundles

DesignBundles offer high quality design resources from thousands of different independent designers. They work on the theory that if they have not got it, no one has! To be fair thats true. I have always managed to find a suitable graphic for my project.

Alongside DesignBundles is their sister site, FontBundles. As the name suggest, they specialize in Fonts.

Over the 2 different sites they have over 3,028,570 customers and over 1,390, 814 products at the time of writing this article.

So What is a DesignBundles $1 Deals?

Also known as their One Dollar Deals Event, it is simply a flash sale they hold every month. They choose 20 popular packages which you can buy for $1 each. The only catch is that there are a limited amount of each package, so you have to be quick. The event only lasts an hour but the best files can be gone in the first 20 minutes.

DesignBundles $1 Deals
Here is a selection of this months files Dollar Deals.

What if I miss the Packages I wanted?

Unfortunately, when they sell out they go back to their original price. But there is a way around this. If you join their Plus Monthly Subscription, you not only get access to 1000’s of free files but you get upto 24 hours to buy the Dollar Deals, even if they have run out!

Everything you need to know about $1 Deals.

Even if you do not want to go down the route of the Plus Subscription, I would reccomend logging onto DesignBundles early.

As they say ‘The early bird catches the worm!’ Or in this case gets the best deals. I have seen the site crash under the pressure of eager customers.

So now you know all about DesignBundles $1 Deals. I hope you get yourself some great deals.

Good Luck!

P.S. Another site worth looking at is the Crella Marketplace. I have done a review here. They offer some gread subscriptions and $1 Deals.

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