How to Sell SVGs on Etsy

Do you want to Sell SVGs on Etsy? Are you a creative individual exploring ways to generate a fresh passive income? This write-up could be just what you need! SVGs have become an exciting and straightforward path for many artists, creators, and designers to gain momentum on Etsy. There’s an enormous market for SVGs and here we delve into:

How to Market SVGs on Etsy.

The process of selling SVGs doesn’t deviate much from vending other artistic or digital commodities on Etsy. Once your SVG design is complete, you can enlist it on your Etsy store for sale, accompanied by a licensing agreement to safeguard your creative piece.

Creating SVGs is a breeze and provides a splendid avenue of passive income for many artists seeking to earn a little extra every month. Keep reading to gain more insights about SVGs, how to produce and vend them, and how to ensure your creative endeavor is secured.

Understanding SVGs If you’re just discovering SVGs, you might be intrigued by the hype around them.

We’re here to enlighten you about this industry secret!

What are SVG Files?

SVGs, also known as cut files, are simply Scalable Vector Graphics.

Essentially, SVGs are digital illustrations or designs that can be scaled to any dimension without compromising the image or file quality.

You might have noticed when you print an HD .jpeg from the internet, the quality is maintained on an A4 sheet, but attempt to print anything larger, like an A3, and you’re faced with much inferior image resolution.

SVGs empower you to print a sharp, lucid, and high-quality design at any scale!

Whether it’s a favicon or a massive billboard, an SVG design file ensures the image quality and resolution on your computer screen or device are preserved when printed.

It’s easy to see why this has become a fantastic passive income stream for numerous designers and artists. Rather than resizing each design and exporting it in several sizes, creatives can simply export their works as an SVG file and sell them on Etsy to a broader audience!

Etsy crafters and handmakers commonly use SVGs for:

  • Paper Art
  • Decals
  • Stickers
  • T-shirts and Clothes
  • Paper Cards
  • Pins
  • Iron-on
  • …and much more!

Creating SVGs and Sell SVGs on Etsy

With a basic understanding of SVGs, let’s discuss how to create them and Sell SVGs on Etsy!

While it might seem highly complex, if you’re familiar with design tools like Adobe Illustrator, creating an SVG is similar to crafting a regular design.

The distinction lies in how you save and export your files.

After you have finalized a digital artwork in your design software, select your design and navigate to Save As, Export, or Make Outline (depending on the software you use) and choose the “svg” file format.

Programs like Adobe Illustrator can be availed for monthly payments of approximately $16, but there are free platforms, including Inkscape, that also allow you to generate SVGs for sale on Etsy.

You might question why artists would purchase SVGs on Etsy if they are so effortless to create?

Remember, not all craftspeople and artists possess design or illustration skills.

These artists may have the necessary tools to manufacture specific products with designs, but they might lack your illustrating prowess!

Moreover, even the most accomplished artists and creatives require inspiration!

Essentially, you’re marketing your creative output in a manner that demands very little upfront effort!

The best part? There’s no need to fret about shipping costs or hidden fees. Marketing SVGs on Etsy is indeed a wonderful source of passive income for creatives.

Now let’s focus on:

Listing SVGs on Etsy

To Sell SVGs on Etsy isn’t much different from regular products. There are some minor differences, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to list SVGs on Etsy:

  • Visit your “Shop Manager” on
  • Create your listing.
  • Add a “Thumbnail” image (use an image with a watermark over your artwork).
  • Scroll to “Listing Details” until you see “Type”.
  • Select the “Digital Item” option.
  • Input your tags, information, and price.
  • For “Quantity”, input a large number like 999.
  • As you sell, you can replenish your inventory quantity, but remember, each addition will cost you $0.20.
  • Finally, “Upload” your file where it says “Digital File” (upload your non-watermarked “svg” files).

SVGs typically sell between $1 and $5, but bundled SVGs can command prices of $10 or more!

Top sellers on Etsy include:

  • Text designs
  • Bundles
  • Botanicals
  • Seasonal designs (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)

These are mere starting points, the potential is truly limitless!

Considering Licensing?

Since you’re not vending a physical artwork but a digital one, it’s vital to be extra cautious regarding licensing and the reproduction or reselling of your work.

Always attach a license with your SVGs that informs buyers about the usage terms.

Many Etsy Sellers include a license that states something like: “Buyers cannot reuse artwork for sale as an SVG or as a product.”

Set clear guidelines for how artists and crafters can utilize your SVG designs once purchased.

Be explicit about personal, commercial, and limited commercial usage.

This section is really up to you and how you intend to sell and license your work.

SVGs present an exceptional opportunity for creatives, designers, and artists to earn on Etsy. Numerous top sellers on Etsy amass thousands in passive income from SVGs, and it’s easy to understand why. Producing an SVG is enjoyable, simple, and demands minimal initial investment.

If you haven’t yet, give SVGs a shot on Etsy and list your initial designs today and start to Sell SVGs on Etsy

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