My Cricut is Not Cutting Correctly

Sometimes your Cricut won’t cut correctly, it happens. Believe it or not, this is often a standard problem. So whether or not you’re not a beginner it happens, so don’t beat yourself up over it! You have everything able to go, the best design and your favorite color vinyl and your machine starts cutting. Suddenly it grinds to a stop!!

This is going on to me such a large amount of times. I guarantee it’s happened to several others and yet again it’s not just. I have asked myself this question a 100 times, how am i able to stop this from happening? Read on and hopefully we are able to help.


Is your mat clean? This can be usually the largest issue and if so we will show you ways to scrub it. Is your blade clean? Sometimes you get a touch of fabric stuck on your blade which is able to cause it to tear. Also, if your blade is blunt it’ll cause you problems. The solution here is to use some tinfoil to rub on your blade. This will clean and help tp sharpen it.

Is your material laying flat on your mat? If it’s lifting or bubling it’ll often rip.

Are you using the right mat for the fabric you’re cutting? There are 4 differing types of mats, Light, Standard, Strong and Fabric grip mat.

Now if you have got checked all of the above points the subsequent step are going to be to test your settings. Sometimes you’ll be able to use the “correct” setting which still happens. Below are some cutting tricks i’ve got


You can change the cutting settings by using the dial. If you employ the custom setting, you’ll turn the dial to custom. Then on your monitor display, an inventory of materials will show up. You can then choose the specific fabric you’re working with.

If you have got an intricate or small design and are using vinyl, try using the Washi setting. Turn your dial to custom, then find Washi within the settings on the screen after you switch the dial.

If you’re using cardstock and it’s a heavier weight, try cardstock+ on the dial.

If your Cricut is Not Cutting Correctly, read on

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Sometimes, there may be images that are too small or intricate to cut. If there’s plenty of detail in your image or if you’re employing a super cute script font (cursive) it’ll only cut correctly when sized properly.

Try increasing the scale of the image

Change or increase the scale of the font if using one

Use a bold version of the font

Thicken the font by using another software program like Photoshop or GIMP

Delete a part of the design if possible.


Always test cut before starting so you’ll be able to learn prior to later

If you’re employing a piece of loose glitter cardstock, mirror your image and switch over the paper. This permits the machine to chop without the glitter getting stuck on the blade and within the housing. Make certain that you simply even have the image set to chop and not print or write.

If you wish to use a custom setting, the dial has got to be set to Custom before you’ll be able to actually choose an on screen option. I’ve found that some cardstock encompasses a textured side. It can sometimes help to flip it over and use the smooth side instead.

If you get the skinny fonts or smaller script words to cut correctly, try reverse weeding. This makes it easier to transfer if you’re using vinyl.

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If you have tried everything above, and your cutting issue continues to be not resolved, contact Cricut support. They’re actually pretty exceptional.

I do know customer service are often a hassle, but i’ve got used their chat support, and that they could resolve the matter. Plus, i do know many other Cricut crafters who have had issues with their power cords and software, and Cricut has always come through!

Now finally to form you super unhappy… if you’ve got tried everything above and even Cricut support couldn’t help, it should be the sort of fabric or brand you’re using. I do know of several cases where the brand of cardstock hase not been so good.

I hope this has helped to answer the question why is my cricut not cutting correctly?

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