How to Change Blade in Cricut

how to change blade in cricut

If you have a rotary or paper cutter, you may be wondering how to change the blade in Cricut. This article will cover the basics of changing a blade, whether you use a fabric, vinyl, or paper cutter. You should also know about blades for legacy cricuts. Here are some tips to follow:

Replace a rotary blade

If your machine’s cutting capability is limited, you may need to replace the blade. If that’s the case, you can replace the blade by purchasing a replacement kit. These kits come complete with a protective changing cap and an extra blade. The blade in this kit is made from stainless steel and is ideal for cutting a variety of materials, including delicate materials. The replacement blade also allows you to use your machine to make more than one type of project at a time.

To replace a rotary blade, remove the protective cap on the blade housing. This is to prevent the blade from making contact with other parts of the machine. Place the new blade in the housing, and tighten the screws with the included screwdriver. Make sure to line up the screw holes on the new blade, and if necessary, store the old blade for later use. The new blade should be installed over the blade housing. You can now see how easy it is to Change Blade in Cricut

Bonded fabric blade

The FabricGrip Blade Housing for Bonded-Fabric Cutting is designed to match the Bonded-Fabric Blade. Its premium German carbide steel is specially crafted for cutting intricate designs on bonded fabric. The housing also matches the FabricGrip Mat. It’s not a Cricut cutter accessory, but it works great with it. Here’s how. First, you must select the correct blade housing.

Next, choose the correct blade. There are two types of blades, one for softer fabrics and one for hard fabrics. You should always choose the one that suits the material you are cutting. You can use the bonded fabric blade with the Cricut Explore line. Also, you can use it with the Cricut Maker. Its pastel pink hue matches the Cricut FabricGrip mat. The blade fits all Cricut Explore and Maker models.

If you want to cut craft felt, it’s best to use the rotary blade. This blade can cut thin shapes, but it won’t work well for intricate designs. The FabricGrip mat is a better option for delicate cuts. You can also use the Cricut spatula. If you’re not sure what material to use, consider a Cricut mat with a fabric-grip layer.

How to Change Blade in Cricut – Deep point blade

The Cricut deep point blade is a special type of cutting blade for fabric. While it may seem a bit “old-fashioned,” this type of blade can be perfect for some projects. Like the fine point blade, the deep point blade is much harder and is ideal for intricate cuts in thicker materials. The blade is also compatible with the Cricut Maker and the Explore family of machines. If you’re wondering how to change the deep point blade in your Cricut, this article will show you how.

There are a few different ways to clean your blade in a Cricut. First, you can use an aluminum foil ball to scrape paper or vinyl from the blade. Once that’s done, you can stick your new blade into the housing to keep it secure. Once the blade is clean, follow the same process to change the deep point blade. This technique will work for either the Fine Point Blade or the Deep Point Blade.

Legacy cricut blades

When it comes to Cricut cutting blades, you may be wondering which ones are the best. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure your blades last a long time. First, check to make sure that the blades you have are compatible with the materials you’re using. Typically, the Cricut blades you use for light-weight materials are fine. However, if your fabric is much heavier, you may need to increase the cut pressure.

After you’ve checked the blade for compatibility, take it out of the machine and carefully remove the old one. The blade rib should match the groove on the housing. Then, place the blade in the housing, and then twist the blade locking sleeve clockwise until it’s securely in place. Once you’re done, insert the housing back into the machine. If you have a legacy machine, you can follow the directions to replace the blade.

I hope this article has helped you understand How to Change Blade in Cricut?

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