Best SVG Converters to use with Design Space

Best SVG Converters – When it comes to converting an image to SVG Format to import into Cricuts Design Space software there are many options.  For some it is as easy as designing what you need in Inkspace.  I personally prefer to use Photoshop for my designs and then convert them to SVG format in a 3rd party software.

In this post I have listed some free and paid options you can use.

Best SVG Converters –

Best SVG Converters

This converter is free and offers some extra options for the file that is being outputted.  It gives you options to enhance you original image and too change the size of your image in pixels which can be useful.  This one is a little more complicated to use but with a few tries you will soon get the hang of it.

Best SVG Converter –

Best SVG Converters

This converter offers a free and a paid option and is the one I use.  This is very simple to use.  You drag your image onto the page and choose which type of file you want to convert it too.  I prefer to use the paid option as it converts much better than the free version and there is no waiting time between conversions.  The added bonus with this one is the amount of different files it converts to and from, not just image but audio and video too name but a few.

Best SVG Converters –

Best SVG Converters

This converter is free and is very simple to use.  You click on the upload a picture button and choose your file.  Next you can choose if  you want the detail to be Great or Strong.  Next you have a choice of 7 Filters and as you swop between them you can see on the screen what difference it makes to your image.  You are then able to choose what single colour you want your image to be.

Finally you have the choice of Super Mode if you have an image that has a lot of detail.  To use Supermode you have to request the password by sending an email to support.

Overall a nice easy convert to use with not bad results.

These are just 3 of the online converters for SVG files.  There are many many more to choose from but I am sure that one of these will be to your liking and will be your Best SVG Converters.

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