Crella Marketplace Subscriptions

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Crella Marketplace Subscriptions

Crella Marketplace Subscriptions are not one of the most well known Design Sites, but they have a lot to offer.  Their Monthly Subscriptions are $29 (around £21) for Unlimited Downloads.  At the time of writing, they have 17,559 Fonts and 52,718 Graphics.  They all have a Commercial Use License and POD (Print on Demand) usage is also allowed.  You can create Unlimited End Products and Sell Unlimited End Items.

So, what does it mean when it says ‘Unlimited End Products’?  Simply you can use the Graphics and Fonts to make anything you like, for instance T Shirts, to sell to your customers.

If you look at the 4 packages above. The 100+ Fonts costs $9.99, The Typographer’s Dream Box is also $9.99, The Shitti Beauty Font is $10 and finally the Christmas Craft Bundle is $19. So, all together thats a grand total of $48.98 meaning you have made the Crella Marketplace Subscriptions worthwhile already.

How to make the most of your Subscription

Now, if you have had any type of Graphic Subscription before you have probably fallen into the trap. Downloading everything and anything as fast as you can! What happens then is that everything is in such a mess on your device you can not find what you are looking for.

There is a quick and easy solution for this. Get yourself some Free Online Storage. I use GoogleDrive but there are plenty to choose from. Once you have signed up, set yourself up some categories. It could be as simple as Fonts, Christmas, Easter, Valentines etc. As you download your files, drop each of them into the relevant Category so you can find them later.

Crella Subscription - 1,000s of fonts, graphics and more

Is it worth spending the money on a Subscription?

That is a question only you can answer. There tends to be 2 types of people who buy Subscriptions. One will be a Designer who uses the files they Download everyday and drop by the site a few times a week to see whats new.

The second type of person is the one who buys the Subscription, downloads like crazy and forgets about it. The problem there is the Subscription is still running but your not getting any value from it but still paying the monthly fee.

If you are the second type of person, why not pay for a Months Subscription. See how you get on but put a reminder on your calendar for a few days before the renewal date. If you have not used it enough the cancel!

On a personal note, I tended to spend the minimum of $30-40 a month on files, so for me it was a no brainer. This way I save money and have 1000’s of files and fonts to choose from!

Another site I use a lot is DesignBundles who also have some great deals.

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