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DesignBundles and FontBundles has been about since 2016 and on average receive on average 1 million visitors per month to their pages. This means they have a great platform to show your designs on. I hope this shop review helps you to branch out and give it a go?

Ease of listing

For me I feel that Design Bundles is easier and quicker to use for uploading listings. The image of your file has to be in 3:2 ratio and the image that is uploaded for the seller has to be a zip file rather than a SVG File. I find that if you change all your images into 3:2 they will look better if you post elsewhere e.g. Facebook.

Design Bundles Shop interface.


There are no costs involved in listing files which is a bonus compared to Etsy. They have a fixed minimum selling price of $4. You can charge more if you want to. You are allowed to discount your store 5% through to 50% so that’s a great way to bring the price of your files down.

Standard Commission Rates 2020

  1. Designers receive a commission of 75% for all non-affiliate store sales and 50% when an affiliate initiates the sale.
  2. Affiliates will promote your products and will receive 25% of any sales (these are sales which would not exist without the affiliate).

If you would like to join Design Bundles and open your store I would love you to click on the affiliate link above and in return I would be more than happy to help you set your store up. I hope this shop review was helpful to you. Thank you!


If you want to open a store with no costs this is your best choice as there are no initial costs to list files. Although the commission is 50% Design Bundles has a lot of people looking for SVG files and fonts so that should give you some good sales. Remember the most difficult part of selling your files is to get visitors to your page so using someone like means that you do not have to worry about that and you can just concentrate on designing!

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