Top 5 Cricut Accessories You Must Have!

Top 5 Cricut Accessories

The Maker can cut specialty materials like leather and chipboard. Chipboard is an extra-sturdy board, great for projects requiring a lot of support. You can also find felt and leather in different weights. Felt is great for baby crafts and decor, and medium-weight is perfect for stuffed shapes. Felt is an excellent material for making fashion accessories, too. These are some of the Top 5 Cricut Accessories you must have!

Standard Grip Mat

The Cricut StandardGrip Mat is an adhesive mat for the Cricut Explore/Maker. This mat is perfect for cardstock, printed paper, heat transfer vinyl, and more! It holds your material firmly in place while you cut, and its adhesive surface is specially designed for maximum adhesion. The mat contains two separate mats, each measuring 12 x 12 inches. It’s easy to use and comes with two reusable adhesive sheets for your machine.

The Cricut StandardGrip mat is perfect for medium-weight materials like cardstock, paper, and vinyl. Its special formula ensures maximum adhesion and long-lasting performance. There are two separate mats for cutting medium-weight materials, such as cardstock. These mats are compatible with the Cricut Explore and Maker cutting machines. You can even cut patterns, embossed paper, vinyl, and iron-on.

What else would you reccomend as one of the top 5 Cricut accessories?

Knife Blade

The Cricut Knife Blade is a versatile cutting tool. It can be used with the purple StrongGrip mat. This blade requires calibration, but only the first time. If you find that your cuts are not as clean as you would like, you may want to re-calibrate the blade. Here are some steps to follow:

Top 5 Cricut Accessories - Knife Blade
Top 5 Cricut Accessories – Knife Blade

When selecting a blade, be sure to choose the correct type for your Cricut. Some blades are more suited to cardstock and paper, while others are suited to softer fabrics. It is important to note that different blades are used for different materials. The red blade is a premium quality German carbide blade, while the grey one is a budget-friendly, high-quality blade. For best results, use the blade that is recommended for your particular material.

While you can use the knife blade with any Cricut machine, you should also consider the type of blade you will be using with it. The blade that comes with your Cricut machine is usually a fine-point blade, while the ones for the Explore Air 2 are a deeper-cutting knife. Also, you should consider using the purple StrongGrip mat with heavy materials, as this will prevent the blade from sticking to the mat.

Poster Board

The Cricut Poster Board is a thick white core material that is perfect for cutting dimensional decor, school projects, and paper crafts. It is designed to be easy to cut, making it ideal for multiple layer projects. The board is compatible with all electronic Cricut cutting machines. For optimal performance, use with a Strong Grip cutting mat. Here are some of the best uses for this versatile material:

The poster board’s thickness and reflective surface make it the ideal material for cutting and it yields bold cut lines. Use it for school projects or dimensional decor. Follow the cutting instructions below for tips on using this poster board with your Cricut machine. First, select your images and load your mat. You’ll receive a poster board cutting guide along with your purchase. Then, press the Cut button to begin cutting. Once the mat is loaded, you can begin cutting.


The EasyPress is a popular Cricut accessory that works with the Infusible Ink Line and most brands of heat transfer vinyl. Its versatile design allows users to design a variety of items. The EasyPress has a newer version that remembers your last craft settings. However, the older version does not. For most people, an EasyPress will be sufficient for their needs. If you want to experiment with the EasyPress, purchase the EasyPress tote.

Top 5 Accessories - Easy Press
Top 5 Accessories – Easy Press

The EasyPress uses an advanced ceramic heat plate to apply iron-on materials. It reaches a temperature of 400 degrees and applies a durable transfer in 60 seconds. The EasyPress is lightweight and easy to carry. The EasyPress is equipped with a tote bag and two tool sets. The Cricut EasyPress mat directs the heat to the transfers and helps remove excess moisture. You can purchase the EasyPress Mat in every pattern and color.

Hopefully this article has given you an idea as to what the top 5 Cricut Accessories are?

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