Why Not Use Copyrighted SVG Files?

Where ever you look for SVG Files to make a product to sell you always find Copyrighted SVG Files. So, what is a copyrighted file? It is a file that somebody else has designed and then protected it so nobody else is allowed to use it without permission. When designing an image a lot of time and effort is put into it. Thinking of an original idea, then working on the design, getting the colors right etc. can sometimes take months.

How would you then feel when suddenly it is sold by another person as their own work? You often hear ‘I changed the image’ so it is Ok. Unfortunately thats not true!

Etsy Copyrighted SVG Files


So the next question I always hear is ‘why are there so many people selling Disney files on Etsy?’ Surely they are Copyrighted SVG Files? The simple answer is yes. For some reason people feel safe as there are so many people doing it. It is the old theory of they will never catch me, there are plenty of people selling a lot more than me! If you are lucky you will get a cease and desist email first. This is your chance to delete those listings and thank your lucky stars. If you decide to ignore this, you can end up with a huge bill. Is it really worth it? My opinion is no!

Personal Use of Copyrighted SVG Files?

The second most asked question is ‘Can I use Copyrighted SVG Files for my own use?’ Once again, believe it or not, the answer is still no. The chances of getting away with it though are extremely high. An example of this is people making their own t shirts to visit Disneyland. The only time you tend to hear about an issues here is if the design is in bad taste. Because of this Disney are quite within their rights to ask you to change or even leave the park if you refuse.

Disney Copyrighted SVG Files


For this article we have used Disney as our example of Copyrighted SVG Files as they are usually the most sort after. But copyrighted images come in all shapes and sizes. It is not just the big players who copyright their work. Individuallys can also copyright their images so its always best to check an image before you put it on an item to sell. If you are in the US you can check here. Other countries have their own ways of checking but the US one is usually a good starting p

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