Software to make a SVG File

Is it difficult to make a SVG file? It will depend on which software you use and how complicated you want the file to be? There are many different softwares to use. Do you want a free option? Are you willing to pay a monthly subscription? Is making SVG Files a daily occurence, or do you makes files now and again?

All these questions that need to be answered before you decide which software to use.

Free Software

Cricut Designspace – This is the free software that comes ready to use with the Cricut range of cutting machines and it can do basic graphic and text work. There is not a steep learning curve with this software. It uses the fonts and graphics that are already on your device. It can be used on phones, tablets and desktops. Please note that not all functionality of the software works on every device.

Designspace can be downloaded from HERE

GIMP – This is another free software which is similar to Photoshop. GIMP has a much steeper learning curve than Designspace but is capable of so much more. For anyone who wants the capabilities of Photoshop but for nothing needs this software. Again, like Cricut you can use the fonts and graphics already on your device or import new ones. GIMP has been around since 1996 so there is plenty of support around for it.

GNU Image GIMP can be downloaded HERE

Capture 5
GIMP Software

Inkspace – Again, it’s free! A lot of people swear by Inkspace but I only tend to use the basics on it. It is capable of doing a lot with making and designing SVG files. Another one that has been around for a long time meaning there is a lot of support out there for it. The learning curve is not too steep on this one but if you do get stuck Youtube will be your friend.

Inkspace can be downloaded HERE

Capture 4
Inkspace Software.

What if I Get Stuck?

The advantage of all the above software is the great support. They all have Forums attatched to their pages where you can ask questions. Also because of the user base of each program there are plenty of Youtube videos available to help you.

Finally, there are plenty of Facebook groups which are dedicated to support of all things SVG.

The most important thing is to never be scared to ask.

There is no such thing as a silly question.

So now you have a few ideas of which Software to make a SVG File, whats stopping you?

Good Luck!

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