Cricut Free SVG Files

cricut free svg files

Free SVG Files For Cricut Cutting Machines

There are some great websites out there that have a huge collection of free SVG files for Cricut cutting machines. If you’re looking to save money on your next project, or just want some new designs, these are the places to look!

These websites have bundles of high quality fonts, graphics, craft mockups & embroidery – all for a fraction of the price. Plus, they often offer discounts and special offers!

Cricut Free SVG Files –

When it comes to putting together a design project, there’s nothing like the right assets to speed up the process. Also, it keep costs in check. Whether you’re a print designer looking for a curated selection of free SVG files. Or a graphic designer needing some program presets. There are a plethora of sites on the web that offer a wealth of quality design resources.

With a hefty roster of premium and free design assets to choose from, Design Bundles has made it easy! Easy for designers to find what they’re looking for. Their site boasts a huge variety of premium and free SVG files. It also includes templates, vector graphics, icons, programs and more all in one nifty package.

In addition to their impressive offerings, they have a strong commitment to sustainable practices. As a CarbonNeutral(r) certified company they are dedicated to creating and delivering green solutions.

What makes their site stand out from the crowd is their sheer volume of top-quality design assets. This means you’ll never have to go hunting for a great design asset again! With a large team of creative minds behind the helm, Design Bundles is here to help you navigate your way through the teeming ocean of design assets on the internet.


Creative Fabrica is a digital marketplace that features a large number of graphics, fonts, and crafts. It is targeted at crafters and graphic designers and offers a range of membership plans, each of which gives users unlimited downloads.

Creative Fabrica has a huge variety of graphics that are available in both SVG and DXF file formats. These types of files are compatible with Cricut, Glowforge, and the paid editions of Silhouette Studio.

It also has a section of free graphics that are offered by designers on the site. These are great to download and use for free for testing out designs before you purchase them.

Many of these graphics are also available in JPG and PNG format. These can be used for printing on t-shirts, bags, etc. They can be a great way to add an extra touch to your printed items without having to go through the hassle of converting them to SVG or DXF.

Creative Fabrica was launched in 2016 by Karen van Houten-Schickle and Marleen Brugman, and is based in Amsterdam. It is the largest online source of graphics, fonts, and crafts, with more than 3 million high-quality products available.

Cricut Free SVG Files –

The site offers a number of high-quality fonts for purchase. Its customer service is excellent, with a very friendly team and a Facebook support group full of regular customers.

They also offer a free font of the week each week, and other free fonts on occasion. They provide both OTF (open type font) and TTF (true type font) file formats.

Their fonts are very well designed and a great addition to any design toolbox! They come with lots of extra features and variations, so you can really make them your own.

This company also has a Facebook support group for their users, and they often post contests on the page, which are won by some lucky winners! They are a great way to build up a community with other designers and have some fun.

When you buy fonts from Font Bundles, you get a personal and commercial license. This means that you can use them for any purpose. These licenses are simple and easy to understand. You can sell your designs without worrying about confusing extended license agreements that other font providers might be requiring.

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