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Every time I go into the local craft stores, there is a special display featuring the Cricut. Usually, it is encased in a moulded plastic bubble and you would almost expect to hear the chorus of singing voices as you approach it. But what is the buzz all about?

This is the most updated independent paper cutting machine. What that means is, it does not need your computer. It has all of the brains within the system itself. And there is no doubt, this machine has brains.

It works on a cartridge system that allows you to cut shapes, letters and numbers based on the cartridges you own. At this point, I thought there is the gimmick. I could spend a great deal of money to get this machine only to find out I am limited by the cartridges. I was wrong. One cartridge will give you 250 designs in 12 different sizes from tiny to extra large. Unlike other machines on the market, you aren’t required to buy 6 expensive cartridges to have a little variety.

The machine is not inexpensive. It costs $299.99 on the website but you can watch the sales for a deal. Sounds like a lot. But consider this. If you go to the Cricut website and sign up for the newsletter you can save 20% off the top. This takes the price down to 239.99.

This machine will pay for itself in no time if you are a serious crafter, cardmaker, paper crafter or teacher. Think of all of the embellishments, letters and numbers you have bought over the last few years. Now think about all of the oddball letters and numbers you have left that you will never use but don’t throw away because they cost so much. You won’t have that problem.

There are a couple of special features I want to mention. Did you know the Cricut has a paper saving mode? This means it will adjust the letters to fit closer and save you wasting paper. This is especially important when using some really costly or hard to find paper. (Did I mention it is saving you money?)

Cricut Explorer

The other feature I really like is the fact that you can adjust the blade depth and pressure. This is to accommodate all different types of paper. It will cut vellum and it will cut very thick cardstock and the full range between. For those of you that applique and quilt, it is said to cut fabrics backed with Wonder Under. This allows for perfect cuts every time in a multitude of fonts. Imagine all of the projects you can make that were not possible prior to the Cricut. This machine will allow your creativity to break through barriers we never imagined.

For all of you crafters out there who also drool over the display, be very, very good for the next couple weeks and who knows what will be under your tree on Christmas. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, give your significant other dinner on a tray in front of the football game and place this article under his fork. They may take some hints during halftime too.

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