Vinyl T Shirt Printing at Home

How would you like to design and make your own custom t shirts at home? Sound difficult? Well I am going to try and give you a step by step guide to help you do this. There are a few things you are going to need to start you off; HTV, Access to Cricuts Design Space, Heat Press or an Iron.

Step One – Choosing Design and Uploading to Design Space

This can sometimes be the trickiest thing to do, deciding what you want on your t shirt. Once you have decided log into Design Space and upload your image. Check the chart below which will give you an idea of what size and where your image needs to be positioned on your t shirt. Before cutting your image make sure you mirror the image. This is very important. Next job is to weed the design. The more complex designs will take longer to do.

Where to position your HTV design on your t-shirt
Where to position your HTV design on your t-shirt

Step Two – Heat Transfer T shirt

The next step is to switch on your heat press and make sure the temperature is set correct as per the manufacturers instructions. Once the press is at the correct temperature you can put your t shirt under the press and line up your cut vinyl exactly where you want it. The sticky backing paper will hold it in place. Next check the amount of time the manufacture recommends and close your press. Once the time is up take the t shirt out of the press and remove the backing sheet.

Stand back and admire your work. You are now able to create custom t shirts when ever you want using heat transfer vinyls. Once you have perfected this you can start layering using different colored vinyl.

Screen Printing

Believe it or not you can use your Cricut for other to make templates for screen printing. You use the same instructions as in Step 1 but instead of using you heat press you can use screen printing water based ink.

Transfer Paper

This is a great printing method if you do not want to go to the bother of weeding the vinyl that comes out of your vinyl cutter. You just have to print directly onto the paper with your inkjet printer and apply the shirt transfer directly onto your t shirt with either your heat press or an iron.

Remember vinyl t shirt printing at home can be fun but it can also be turned into a custom apparel business using any of the above methods.

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