Graphic subscriptions – Are they worth it?

Graphic subscriptions can be expensive but how much do you spend each month on graphics? Be it SVG Files, Mockups or any other Graphic I bet it’s too much. I personally, some months, can spend $50 or more on so called deals and then find the files are no good.

When you add that up over a year it can add up to a pretty penny. How many of those files do you every actually use? Is there a better way of doing it? I believe so, let me tell you more about graphic subscriptions.

Graphic Subscriptions
Graphic subscriptions - Are they worth it? 3

Graphic Subscriptions

One site that does this well is called Crella. Within their subscription package which is only $29 a month you can choose from over 26,000 items to download. They have categories that include Fonts, Graphics, Presets, Mockups and much more. They say that if you were to download everything they have it would cost you a stunning $274,755!


  • Savings – The obvious one is how much you can save
  • Great choice – The fact that it is not just one type of graphic for you download. You have a choice from Fonts to Mockups.
  • Always on hand – When you suddenly need a specific graphic for a project you can come straight to your graphic subscription.
  • Unlimited downloads – Yes, you heard me right. You can download as much or as little as you need.
  • Cancel anytime – Very important that you are not tied into a 12 month contract.


To me the only downside of any subscription service is to make sure you use it and do not forget you have it. I am sure we have all been there. Taken out a subscription and 3 months later we have forgotten we started it!

Crella Subscription - 1,000s of fonts, graphics and more


I personally think the idea of a graphic subscriptions is a great idea for anyone who spends more than $30 a month on graphics. The advantage of Crella over a lot of sites like this is the wide variety of graphics they have on offer. As well as designing SVG files I also make Sublimation images using Photoshop so this site is great for me as I can use most of their downloads.

What have you got to lose? At least pop over to and see what they have in their graphic subscriptions to suit you, you might be surprised!

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