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How to make a simple image in Cricut Design Space

This tutorial will show you how you can use Slice and Weld in Cricut Design Space to make a simple design. 1. Use Shapes from the left hand menu and choose a square. Next choose another square and click on the padlock to be able to make that into your chimney shape. Finally choose a […]

How to Slice and Weld in Design Space
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How to Slice and Weld in Design Space

Slice and Weld are 2 simple things you can use in Design Space to achieve some great results. Both are quite self explanatory. Slice is used if you want to cut one shape out of another and weld is used if you want to add 2 shapes together. Its as simple as that!

SVG File Converter
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Best SVG Converters to use with Cricut Design Space

When it comes to converting an image to SVG Format to import into Cricuts Design Space software there are many options.  For some it is as easy as designing what you need in Inkspace.  I personally prefer to use Photoshop for my designs and then convert them to SVG format in a 3rd party software. […]

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Unboxing of a Heat Press

Have you ever wanted to get a heat press but been a little nervous?  This video will walk you through how easy and simple it is to use. Get it out of the box and use it with all your heat transfer (iron on) vinyl creations you have cut with your Cricut. Hopefully by the […]

Resticking a Cricut Mat
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How To Restick Your Cricut Mat

How To Restick Your Cricut Mat Having a super sticky mat is incredibly important in ensuring that your craft cutting machine cuts accurately and precisely, just where you need it to. And while most of the questions we get regarding cleaning and resticking cutting mats are from Cricut users, our advice can be applied to […]

Wine in the shower SVG
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50+ Wine Sayings for Crafters

Today for you we have 50+ Wine Sayings for Crafters.  Sometimes you need a helping hand to get those creative juices flowing!  These sayings are perfect for cards, stationary, shirts, bags or totes, wooden signs, canvases, and anything thing else you can dream up with your Cricut. 50+ Wine Sayings for Crafters Save water, drink […]

Samantha Font
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How to use Samantha Font in Design Space

I know a lot of you have been asking how to use Samantha Font in Design space and get the swirls? This is the best Youtube Video I have found to explain this. Enjoy! If you want to buy the Samantha Font the BEST Deal I have found is $17 from Mighty Deals

How to Unzip a SVG
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How to Open a ZIP File

As most of you know when you receive your SVG’s or Fonts they are usually in zip file format ZIP. What a lot of people have problems with is how to unzip the file. I recommend you either use Winzip or 7-Zip. Both of these programs will unzip your files and are easy to use. […]